Survival, Sandy and more

Well we survived the mayhem…
par-tay(photo by the lovely: Bitchcakes)

Friday’s Time’s Up Halloween Dance Party and Fundraiser, which BTW was awesome and DJ Fake Money and No Way Josie…Killed it.

That’s me in the electric tiger costume.

Then onto the survival of Saturday’s post apocalyptic cacophony of mutated bicycles, known as BIKE KILL..
(photo from DJ Dirtyfinger)

My favorite bike there: Big Bird

With the disclaimer:
(photo’s by: Jonathan Beck AKA @BklynBiker)

Then it was on to this thing called Sandy, which some ditzy meterologist on the idiot box described as a historic event we’re not likely to see for a long time. Seems to me, based on data and empirical fact from just about every climate scientist in the world…that due to man made Climate Change, this massive storm is only the beginning of what will see.

That’s why I appreciated the work of a few brave environmentalists from who held this banner in Time’s Square on Sunday evening.

I didn’t venture out to much except for my storm chaser crew who went for a few walks around the block and the occasion view of the nearby Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

My neighborhood of Park Slope wasn’t hit too bad except for a few smashed storefronts and knocked over trees, we got lucky.

I have been really blown away by Casey Neistat’s (@CaseyNeistat) images on twitter and instagram, really getting into his work…

Spending all of Monday riding his bike around the city and documenting the devastation in Manhattan.

I did finally venture out on Tuesday with a few friends on bike. We took a quick trip down to Red hook and saw the effects of flooding.

My heart goes out to all those who have experienced loss and are coping with the effects of hurricane Sandy. Rebuilding lives should be the number one priority. When the the water recedes, I hope this can be a wake up call to begin real discussions about the reality of climate change and what’s in store for the future of our planet.

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