Tacks and Tickets, another ride in NYC

It’s hard enough taking the challenge of cycle commuting here in “The Big City.”

Somedays we have to deal with angry people who place tacks on our pathways.

Take for instance, last week when owner of Samurai Messenger Company and 13 year veteran messenger, Joshua Weitzner makes this chilling find on the 59th St. bridge.

Some “jerkhole” thought it would be a good idea to send a message of their hatred for bikers by putting metal tacks on the steep down ramp of the bridge path, right before a hairpin turn.

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Yes, just another day in paradise.

Now the NYPD claim to be ramping down their “Operation Safe Cycle” harassment campaign.

I haven’t been paying as much attention this year but Transportation Nation Alex Goldmark has an interesting article on recent activity.

NYPD Focus Shifts on Bike Ticketing

By: Alex Goldmark
Published: October 7th, 2012

If the flared tensions around cycling in New York City ease a bit this year, it might have to do with a more targeted approach to policing bike riders, according to NYPD data provided to Transportation Nation.

Tickets to cyclists this year are on pace with 2011, but New York Police Department Deputy Chief Brian McCarthy tells TN that delivery cyclists are getting more police attention than last year, as are locations where bike-related accidents occur. Data show fewer red light tickets have been issued than during the same period last year, while riding on the sidewalk remains the top offense.

Anecdotal reports from cyclists point to a greater understanding of bike traffic laws by riders and police alike. Last year much ruckus was caused when police held a ticket trap for cyclists not riding in the bike lane, which is legal on most streets. Though similar speed-trap like efforts aimed at cyclists continue, more cyclists have told TN they got off with warnings and were handed educational pamphlets in place of tickets than in the past. It’s not a vast shift in policy, but it’s a slightly kinder and gentler Operation Safe Cycle, or as Chief McCarthy called it, “more focused.”

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Meanwhile, take a look at this…
Gothamist reports a cyclist recently got $1,555.00 in fines from one routine stop.

Way to go NYPD, another message well served.

Read more, here.

2 comments to Tacks and Tickets, another ride in NYC

  • I’ve cycled daily in nyc since 1967. Of course having more cyclists in this city is great on paper. However as soon as Bloomberg and Janette Sadik-Khan proposed the supposed alternative transportation options, it clearly meant that NYPD would have meat. It has proven so. I hate to say it, but take out the bike lanes, leave us alone unless there is a feasible way to cut automobile transportation.

  • Frank

    I was crossing the bridge to drop my son off at school when I saw Joshua and I appreciated him calling out there were tacks on the road. I came back over to manhattan about 20 min later and he was still out, holding his panniers, picking up tacks and warning cyclists. Thank you sir!