14 Bike Co. Winter ESB

Looking for the perfect bike for winter? How about 14 Bike Co. new ESB model.


From their site:
Like we always say, the ESB was purpose built for all occasions. And with the winter upon us, this is certainly no exception. With temperatures falling and road conditions becoming increasingly difficult, some of you may be locking away your track and road bikes, waiting for Spring to arrive.

With it’s strong, no nonsense build, the ESB is the perfect bike to keep you out on the road. Large, extra wide tyres are accomodated with ease (up to 42c rear & 54c front), meaning you won’t lose out on speed and won’t fall victim to bad road conditions. And with it’s long top tube and high bottom bracket shell, you will have maximum stabilty when riding on or off road (and on snow…)

The ESB frame set is available with V-brake bosses or as a brakeless fixed gear.

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your riding.
The ESB is available to buy now as a frame set from our webshop. To see what builds are possible, please visit our Custom14 bike generator or talk to us at

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