Jiggernaut Lite: Handbuilt Bicycle Jig

I remember watching chunk666, a bike club out of Portland with a flare for mutating bicycles, putting together a couple of frames for me to build a freakish tallbike. We had this gross rig of 2×4’s attempting to hold the two frames together. It got the job done but…it was as freakish as the bike we were building. Professional frame builders use a jig to align the parts of frames which is generally a large sophisticated contraption. Now, a DIY jig is being developed for the novice builder to build bicycles of their own.

Here is more on the project and a fundraising kickstarter page.

Introducing the Jiggernaut.


The Story: Mixed Media Engineering is bringing bicycle building to the masses! Every cyclist agrees at some level there is nothing on this earth more beautiful than a handbuilt masterpiece. But the word of bike building has remained outside the realm of the DIY audience of tinkerers, craftspeople etc.


The nomenclature and complexity of the craft can be a real barrier to entry. Desirable parts and materials are available if you know where to look but assembling the right components at a good price is a momentous task for the newbie. Enter the Jiggernaut! Mixed Media Engineering has taken the guesswork and a number of sizable hurtles out of the way so anyone with a little knowhow can get started in the craft of bicycle frame building. By offering complete frame and fork kits, to blue prints, as well as flat pack jigs to hold everything in place they have the hobbyist bike builder on their way to the first success for under $400!

Kickstarter video:

This Minneapolis company launched their first successful Kickstarter in February 2012 and are back to kickstarter with more product kits.

Check out and support the project HERE.

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