Not the Walrus, not the Beasties, a new Eggman in town.

Now when I think of the title Eggman, I can’t help but immediately think of those three kids from Brooklyn who brought hip-hop to suburbia with their beer fueled rambunctious lyrics. Yes non other then the Beastie Boys who had to fight for their right to party but in the end they got a License to Ill. The follow up to that landmark album was a much more crafted and creative Paul’s Boutique which gave us such fine lyrics as: I’m going through science like Dolemite
The mack who
I’m the Egg Man”
I guess Paul McCartney and the Walrus were inspiring.

These songs inspired me and Paul’s Boutique came out as a perfect soundtrack when I had recently moved to NYC (summer of 91) and immediately worked as a bike courier for Ricky Leopold’s Cavalry Courier.


In much of the same outlaw spirit I was just sent a new book called Eggman written by former NYC bike courier J. Milligan.

Before there was the fantasy of the action thriller Premium Rush, this Eggman takes a realistic look at the messenger world post 9/11.

J calls it: “punk noir.”

Here is more about it and some reviews of the book (I’ve been back logged with lengthy Game of Thrones–but hope to read this soon)

EGGMAN is about Clive Milgram, bike messenger turned consultant turned bike messenger. EGGMAN is about New York City. EGGMAN is about David Bowie. EGGMAN is about honoring the Code. EGGMAN is about 2003. EGGMAN is about life falling apart. EGGMAN is about living. EGGMAN is about love. EGGMAN is about 200 pages long.

“EGGMAN vividly portrays the amazing diversity a messenger deals with daily and how the messenger can go places that no other citizen can.”
—Lucas Brunelle: LINE OF SIGHT

“J Milligan sees things that other people don’t. EGGMAN is a noirish whirlwind of hilarity and surprise; it’s a very fun ride.”
—Henry Alford: Writer for the New York Times, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker.

“Set in the bicycle delivery world of NYC post-9/11, EGGMAN is itself like a bike messenger: fleet, fierce, always racing towards a sure destination even when you can’t predict its unexpected swerves, slips or turns – a tough machine powered by flesh and blood, zooming through the wreckage of a still-tender city. In the end, J Milligan does what every good bike messenger must: he really, truly delivers.”
—Ed Valentine, Writer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

You can get this 200 page book on Kindle, Nook or just read it right on your smart phone for a whopping $2.99

Help support one of our own cyclists and his writing endeavors and all royalties are going directly to the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort.

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