Pro Fitting, Cycleangelo and Mike Sherry

Looking to have better skeletal leverage on the downstroke to help protect the connective tissue below the kneecap? This is just one of many technical adjustments made to your body positioning when getting a pro fitting on your bicycle.

Blogger Cycleangelo recently was pro fitted by an expert in body mechanics, Mike Sherry of Performance Labs HC.

Here is more about his experience:


20121120-203014.jpg photo by: Donalrey Nieva

After weeks of research and contacting multiple shops and services, I was finally able to pull the trigger on a professional bike fit. My decision to work with Mike Sherry of Performance Labs HC was based on many important factors. Aside from years of experience as a coach and fitter specializing in biomechanics – the combination of his ability to perform the fitting in the comfort of your own home as well as be able to provide a follow up fitting consultation played a tremendous role in choosing Mike for the task at hand.

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