Stolen bike: Cannondale Road Bike-Park Slope

This one hits really close to my home in Park Slope Brooklyn.

Ashley Bryan had her Cannondale Men’s road bike stolen on Saturday. (11/24/12) (Happy Thanksgiving)

Here’s what happened according to Ashley:

I’ve been with that bike for years, in many different cities. I can’t believe I moved the to nicest neighborhood in the last 10 years and it gets stolen here. I’m crushed.

I had people over on Saturday so I locked my bike up on the street (it’s usually in my apartment). Actually, my husband and I had our bikes locked together, on the same post. It was a street sign, a really tall parking sign. We had them locked together with a cable lock and both were locked to the sign post with Kryptonite U locks. The dirty thieves took the sign off the top of the post (like, 10 feet in the air) and somehow managed to get both bikes off. The other bike wasn’t worth anything, and they oddly left it there… I must have just missed them last night because my cheap bike was laying on the ground, not locked up. So strange.


The bike wasn’t worth a ton, maybe $200 with all its parts. It just holds so much sentimental value… I’m going to try everything to get it back.

Unfortunately, this show street signs really aren’t good locking options and never lock to ones without signs at the top.

Any information on this bike, email Ashley: ashleyrosebryan{at}

Update: Ashley sent me some more about this bike.

•The bike is registered to her husband, Adam Longenbach at Penn State.

•It has an orange registration sticker under the frame which includes the serial number.

Name: Adam Longenbach
Permit # P09 4321 CR (Centre Region registration)
Manufacturer: Cannondale
Model: 1988
Serial #- 56052987020
Type: Road Bike
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: Black
Other Notes: which text, black seat/handles, suicide shifters

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