Instagram contest to win Kryptonite lock.

Congratulations to Jamieson Provan (@jdoggny)
for winning our Kryptonite twitter giveaway. By answering a trivia question planted in one of my blog postings, Jamieson won this:

Kryptonite’s classic mini u-lock in a 40th anniversary limited edition ruby red.


So now, we’re going to have another contest to give away this:


Kryptonite’s new integrated mini chain, basically a one piece lock that incorporates the best features of a u lock only more flexible. They call it the “collapsible u lock” and it must be Yours!!!

This time we’re using my second favorite social networking play toy:


Here is what you have to do:

1) get an Instagram account

2) follow @bikeblognyc

3) take photos of the worst/best lock up like this:


Someone in dire need of a Kryptonite lock. Maybe it’s a huge stack of bikes like your own collection:


Like Jamieson’s here who is very thankful to have a new lock. It could also be a nice shot of your old u lock, all beat up and standing through the test of time. Be creative.

4) tag you photo’s with #kryptonitecontest

5) get likes of your photo. The one with the most likes wins.

6) contest runs until December 21st at midnight, just in time for the Kwanza Fairy.

So get snapping.

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