Pocket full of Kryptonite–Lock(s) giveaway on twitter and instagram

About the title of this post==I mean who doesn’t miss the Spin Doctors?

I’ve only had two bikes stolen (that were locked to a structure or object) within the 21 years I’ve been riding in NYC. Neither of which have been with a Kryptonite lock, which has been a leader in bike security for decades. This is not to say there aren’t other reliable manufactures out there or that not having this particular brand was the only reason my bikes were stolen. Rather it’s been the name brand I’ve always gravitated towards and been the most readily available in NYC. When I was a messenger in the early 90’s the insider street knowledge was you either had the big Kyrptonite chain & lock or your bike got stolen. They’ve also been super active on the bike culture front and provided lots of free prizes for alleycat races and other events.

Kryptonite’s generosity trickled down to little ol me and they recently sent me two care packages.

The first came when I inquired about getting spare keys for the five chains and u-locks I have owned for years. I’ve lost one to many key sets in the past and didn’t want to be caught unable to get my locks open.

Kryptonite responded with full spare sets and all they needed was the numbers written on each key. (word of advice–write these numbers down or register on-line)

The care package included a ton of stickers, a water bottle, their new transit H-Bar handlebar mount and a limited edition 40th anniversary U-lock.
I was really excited about their evolution series 4 Mini-5 U-Lock, which has come out in limited supply to celebrate 40 years of bike security perfection.

This is the same trusted lock as the as part of their evolution series (the signature orange color) with 13mm hardened steel shackle that slides into one end of the crossbar. The lock has a small key hole which is strategically placed in a reinforced cuff so as not to be easily pried upon by thieves. Weighing 770g or 2.1 pounds, this is the smallest lock in the series. It’s perfect for slipping in a back pocket or in a u-lock holder on the belt of a hip pouch ( I use this lock to secure my back wheel to the frame. Its not long enough to fit around a standard NYC street sign and go through the frame and front wheel so it’s definitely used as a secondary lock. They do however make longer models to accommodate frame and wheel, as well as bigger locking options. Many urban riders only want to carry u-locks to avoid more bulky chains.
mini ulock 1

The lock riding hipside or sticking out of a back pocket has become an icon of urban bike fashion and is such a classic design that Kryptonite’s K-4 lock is on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) design collection. I felt rather nostalgic (or maybe old) that this was an anniversary edition with a flashy ruby red color on the crossbar.

Check out contest details on the next page.

I also got a chance to try out the new transit H-bar carrier.

Responding to their customers requests for more safe and convenient ways to carry locks, kryptonite came up with this handlebar mount that moves the lock up front and away from the more traditional frame mount.

We all know plenty of people who go for the quick “sling-it-over-the-handlebars,” this mount secures the lock in place.

The mount fits handlebars 22mm-32mm and has a 7″ anti-slip gasket to keep the mount firmly in place and protects the bike from scratches.
The two velcro straps secures the lock for the commute and will accommodate all of Kryptonite’s u-locks including the thick 18mm New York Fahgettaboudit.

Then next package was a lock I was psyched about ever since I saw it posted as a preview on Urban Velo right before the premiere bicycle trade in Vegas, Interbike.

This is the new evolution series 4 mini-chain integrated lock.
Integrated 1
Kryptonite likes to call this the collapsible u-lock because its small and compact like a u-lock but still a one-piece 55mm chain which gives the user more locking options.

Integrated means it’s a one piece unit with one end of the chain fitting directly into the locking hub. No more fumbling for a separate locking piece.
integrated 2
lock 32
This particular size is 21.5″ and weighs 4 lbs. It can easily fold up into a hip pouch or be stuffed in a messenger bag. Truly an innovation breaking the mold.

My new locking style…and happy to have a more compact versatile lock in the front that I can easily stow, instead of the big heavy chain and lock around my waist.
locks 3

Here is Kryptonite’s own Daryl Slater explaining his company’s new products at Dealer Camp 2012:

Since it’s the holidays I wanted to share Kryptonite’s generosity with not one but two separate contests using social networks Twitter and Instagram.

First off on Friday (12/7/12) I’ll be giving away a 40th anniversary mini u-lock (Ruby Red) and the transit H-bar carrier (maybe a few extra goodies as well) The contest will take place on twitter.

It works like this:
1. On Friday morning I’ll post a reminder of the giveaway. Participants must be followers of my twitter feed @bikeblognyc and Kyrptonite’s: @kryptonitelock
2. Around 4:00pm I post a trivia question about Kryptonite. (Hint-The answer is somewhere within THIS POST-not too hard)
3. The first person to respond with the correct answer…WINS!

Simultaneously I am launching an Instagram contest to win an evolution mini series 4 integrated chain lock.
Here is how this works.

1. Get an instagram account.
2. Follow @bikeblognyc
3. take photos of the worst lock up you can find…maybe even a bike that is completely stripped down or a bike that has the flimsiest lock you’ve ever seen. Someone in desperate need of a proper lock up with Kryptonite products.

Here is a good example:

4. tag your photos with #kryptonitecontest
5. the photo with the most likes, wins this dope lock and a few bonus prizes.

the Deadline is (12/14/12) at 12:00 midnight.
Contest winner will be announced the next day (12/15/12)

Goodluck to all.

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