Racking it up in NYC

The number of bicycle racks will double in NYC, according to the Epoch Times.

12,000 Bicycle Racks coming to New York City By: Zachary Stieber January 10th, 2013

NEW YORK—The number of bicycle racks will more than double with 12,000 new racks on the way.

The city’s Department of Transportation will spend almost […]

New qualifying format for Red Hook Crit

A new format for the upcoming Red Hook Crit

Comes via: urbancyclistworldwide


At the first RHC all registered competitors must participate in a open track session which will be held on the afternoon of the race. This session will be the only opportunity to pre-ride the circuit. The field will […]

Brooklyn, home to rich people’s dreams, as long as it’s not a Velodrome….a what?

New York’s first ever indoor cycling velodrome is not happening, at least not at its proposed location in the newly developed Brooklyn Bridge Park. Rich cycling enthusiast, Joshua P. Rechnitz is pulling out his $50 million donation (the largest in NYC park history) and looking elsewhere in NYC or New Jersey for someone who […]