New qualifying format for Red Hook Crit

A new format for the upcoming Red Hook Crit

Comes via: urbancyclistworldwide


At the first RHC all registered competitors must participate in a open track session which will be held on the afternoon of the race. This session will be the only opportunity to pre-ride the circuit. The field will be split into multiple groups depending on the amount of registered riders and circuit length. Lap times will be taken during the session with the 100 fastest lap times advancing into the race. This will benefit experienced athletes, novices, and spectators. Elite athletes will now be competing in a field with an accumulative higher skill level creating a safer and more competitive race. Beginners who fail to qualify still have the opportunity for more competitive track time than the current lapped rider elimination format allows. Prizes will be awarded to the fastest qualifying time and determine call ups for the two front rows.

Rules for Round 1: Brooklyn, March 30th (subject to change)

– All registered riders will be divided randomly into smaller qualifying groups

– Each session is 30 minutes in length.

– All lap times during the session will be recorded using timing chips

– Drafting is allowed

– Pushing, pulling, or slingshotting another rider is not allowed

– Blocking is not allowed

– The top 100 fastest lap times will advance into the race.

– Call ups for the first two rows of the race will be determined by qualifying times

– Prizes will be awarded to the fastest qualifying time

– Ties will be decided on each rider’s next fastest lap.

– Qualifying will take place the same day as the race.

– Riders must enter and exist the course using delineated ‘pit lane’

– Riders must remain in the Parc Ferme area during their qualifying session

– Equipment changes are allowed but must follow same technical rules as the race

– Each rider is allowed (1) assistant in Parc Ferme to help with equipment changes.

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