Winter Alleycat Round Up 2013

Here is a quick round up of some winter alleycat races.

Miss Thang may not have been able to perform during the cold weather of President Obama’s inauguration,

but that didn’t stop a bunch of D.C. couriers and other bike maniacs.

That same weekend of 1/20/13 was host to an inauguration alleycat:

Wait, these guys are wearing shorts. Maybe it wasn’t that cold…well…Beyonce.

Check out more images from the alley cat photo master Kevin Dillard at

Here is a report back from

Beyonce did get her act together at that football thing last Sunday but the real sporting event was held in Minneapolis for the 16th annual Stupor Bowl, the longest running alleycat in North America, in the freezing cold ice and snow.


Turns out our own Austin Horse (stunt rider for Premium Rush and NYC bike superstar) won the race.


Austin Horse w/ the Champ Bag, and winning bike.

Here is a bit more from Minneapolis bike blog:

Congratulations to our homey Austin for winning Stupor Bowl speed race for a second time this weekend. Not only that, but he also took home top honors at Friday night’s alleycat.

Congrats as well, to Brandon, Erin, Erica, Benjammin, Beth, and all the other podium finishers. The word brutal gets thrown around a lot, but Saturday’s fifty miler in zero degree weather was truly that. Props to all who completed.

And speaking of winter, here is a video by Derek Pedros of the Santa Alleycat. But judging by the clothing of the riders, I’d say the Santa doesn’t stand for that jolly fat guy. At least it’s nice to see a warm climate.

santa alleycat from Derek Pedrós on Vimeo.

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