Bike sharing in Park Slope Fuggedabouttit? Nope, it’s coming.

First there were computer setbacks and then Hurricane Sandy did some damage to the storage facilities, but bike sharing is slated to begin operations in May (bike month) here in NYC.

In initial plans for rental stations, Park Slope was left out of the picture, but that has now changed.

A new draft map by the D.O.T. shows a
56 bicycle docking station at Dean street and 5th Ave.

Here is more info from the Park Slope Patch:

Park Slope to Get One Bike-Share Location in May

As Citi Bike will launch this spring, one location will be on Fifth Avenue and Dean Street.

By: Will Yakowicz
March 29th, 2013

As the New York City Department of Transportation and bike share operator New York City Bike Share (NYCBS) get ready to launch Citi Bike in May, 5,500 bikes will be available at 293 stations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. And 56 bike docks will be in Park Slope.

The initial rollout was supposed to be for 420 stations, however a lot of equipment was damaged during Hurricane Sandy while bikes and docks were stored at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

But, the good news is that Park Slope, which was initially excluded from the rollout, will get one site on Fifth Avenue and Dean Street, according to a new map draft on the DOT’s bike-share program site.

Read more: here.

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