Criminal Suspect Artwork for Criminal Suspect Motorists

Last night 7 memorials were painted on the streets where pedestrians and cyclists have recently been killed in what’s seems to be a wave of car violence.

These markers are part of a tour lead by Time’s Up called the “Criminality Suspect Ride” to draw attention to these recent tragedies and a lack of action in response by the NYPD by not pursuing criminal charges of the motorists involved.

Here is more from Gothamist:

20130315-145320.jpg (Times Up. Flickr)

Illegal Street Memorials Mark Spots Where Drivers Killed Without Consequences
By John Del Signore
March 15th, 2013

Last night a group of cyclists took to the streets to spraypaint body outlines memorializing seven spots where pedestrians and cyclists were killed by motorists who faced no criminal charges. This morning, activists affiliated with Times Up! will be visiting the memorials to call attention to the NYPD’s widely-criticized handling of crash investigations.
The chilling memorials were painted on spots where the NYPD declared there was “No Criminality Suspected” within hours of each crash. The locations include the spot in Queens where 16-year-old Tenzin Drudak was killed by a driver who careened up onto the sidewalk after spilling a container of milk, and the spot in Queensbridge where Japanese student Ryo Oyamada was killed by an NYPD patrol car. Over the last week, six pedestrians and cyclists have been killed by motorists and not a single driver has been charged with a crime.
On Monday, it was reported that the NYPD would make changes to the way it handles crash investigations, including changing the name of the unit responsible for the probes from Accident Investigation Squad to the Crash Investigation Squad. The ludicrously understaffed unit will be somewhat beefed up, and has been instructed to investigate collisions even when there’s no immediate expectation that the victim will die.

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