Monster Track 14-more recaps and photos

Sometimes it a takes a while to get all the details of a past event and sometimes there are a few oversights on my part.

First off–a big one in the oversight department.

I forgot to include the 1st place female racer, Roz Patterson.

(photo from her page on: )

In the past I have strived to make this blog a resource as well striving for equality in the bike world for both race and gender.

The ladies who race alleycats truly work their asses off, deserve the utmost respect and shouldn’t have to remind me in the comments section to include them where credit is due. Roz, I apologize…not my style.

In searching for a good photo of Roz who also kicked ass at the Red Bull Mini Drome event–I might add–I came across some other great stories and photos. This is part of the time it takes for things to reach the intraweb.

Here is a great story by, own Shardy Nieves attending his second Monster Track.


Monster Track, New York City’s biggest alley cat race. This would be the 14th anniversary race and people came from all over the world to compete in the unforgiving streets of NYC. Monster Track weekend was full of activities for everyone who not only came out to compete but spectators as well.


In 2012, I attended my first Monster Track since switching to fixed gear. This would also be my first alley cat race in general and I did not know what to expect. What also makes this weekend so important to me is the fact that I launched with the photos I shot from Monster Track 13. Safe to say Monster Track weekend is also the Track or Die NYC anniversary weekend. Moving forward to 2013, a few of the guys from T.O.D and myself we’re training for this massive alley cat race ( I was doing more training for the after party).

Read the whole story: here.

I also discovered this sweet photo blog posting on:

Check out a whole slew of really great portraits depicting the diversity of this unique bike culture:


See more: here.

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