Bike sharing and a protest of one

More citibike stations are popping up in Manhattan. Oh no, precious parking being gobbled up. There’s only one thing to do: Ride a bike.

Here is a new station I spotted in the financial district:


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Perhaps you are concerned about Manhattan restaurant owner, 68 year old Jacques Capsouto.

Last week he staged a heroic sit-in of one reminiscent of the blockades of the Keystone XL pipeline and those hippies trying to stop stupid things like toxic Exxon tar sands oil destroying entire neighborhoods.
He tried to stop a station from being installed in front of his business, worried that customers would lose valuable parking spaces. This leaves us rather perplexed. Why can’t people who ride bikes go to his place? He must have some kind of valet to save his customers on parking. I guess the French faire of Saucisson De Lyon En Croute and Escargots only appeals to carbon polluters.

Streetsblog was concerned about Jacques, so they set up a poll:

When Will Jacques Capsouto Come to Embrace Bike-Share?

June 2013 (44%, 63 Votes)

Never (33%, 48 Votes)

June 2014 (23%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 144

Read more: here.

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