Bike Sharing…I just can’t get enough, neither can Brooklynspoke, Velojoy and the Snob.

Yes, it’s true, I’m super psyched about bike sharing coming to NYC. Mainly because it puts more people on bicycles and is another viable transportation option, getting my home town one step closer to those other cool cities that have bike sharing, like Paris, Barcelona, Washington, DC and of course Boston.

Actually, my real hometown of Seattle is getting bike sharing in the Spring of 2014.

Let’s face it, everyone’s doing it.

So I thought I’d check in on some of the other NYC bike bloggers reactions to the new Citibike share program. founder Doug Gordon has been all over the scene and recently posted this video of an bike blog station being constructed in Manhattan.

Susi Wunsch of Velojoy has been posting some articles and has this nice dissection of the many features of the new “fully-loaded” bikes.


Read more here: CitiBike Share get to know the hummer of bikes.

But your probably asking, ok bike nerds, you already have bikes, why would you give praise for this bike share thing? Good question…Susi answers a few of these questions in a recent post: As a Bike Owner, Here is Why I Joined CitiBike.

But the best had to be the Bike Snob, who recently broke down some of the biggest complaints of the bike sharing program that has already started to piss-off New Yorkers with just the mere sight of all the bike sharing stations. I especially enjoyed the comparison that some Brooklyn residents don’t want corporate logos defacing their precious neighborhoods, as some sort of dig against bike sharing being sponsored by Citibank, but have no problem with diaperless babies taking a crap all over the place.

Read more: Landmark this: Bikes not Diapers.

Yeah, we wouldn’t want anything corporate defacing our precious Brooklyn:


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  • Citibike Member

    I loved this. Please cover the expansion of the program after the opening next month. I didn’t realize upon signing up that there are no stations on the Upper West Side.