Congratulations to Neil Bezdek-Winner of Red Hook Crit.

The Red Hook Criterium is all grown up in it’s 5th year since it’s rather underground beginnings as a birthday party for cyclist David August Trimble.
David’s family was one of the early innovators of carbon fiber used in bicycle frames and now he’s pioneered his own cycling classic in a neighborhood he’s also helping to rebuild, Red Hook Brooklyn.

Big Congratulations to NYC’s own Neil Bezdek who won last nights race.


Here are the top 5:

New York’s Evan Murphy came in Second and won last year’s Red Hook Crit. in Milan, Italy.

In 3rd place was Walton Brush, an MashSF rider from the Bay Area.

Pennsylvania rider, Zac Felpel in fourth and Jack and Adam’s Racing rider, Colin Strickland from Austin Texas took 5th.

Honorable mention to other NYC urban riders, Austin Horse who came in 19th and Alfred Bobe Jr. in 20th place.

This was a innovative year with qualifying heats before the main race and both a woman’s and men’s 5k run held earlier in the day.


It should also be noted that Rockstar games one of the sponsors, created an up to the minute phone app where participants could follow along the race, post pictures and keep track of all the social networking around this local sporting event.

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