New Yorkers warmly embrace the locations of the bike sharing stations–April Fools?

The highly anticipated bike sharing program coming to NYC is beginning to blossom like the spring tulip buds.

After recovering from some Hurricane Sandy damage the next big step is to set up the bike sharing stations.

Deciding on where to put the stations, forcing it down neighbors throats like the NY Post would have us believe or a lengthy review process with civic input spanning 400 meetings citywide? You decide.

From the NY Post:

New Yorkers trying to prevent bike-share racks from going on their block
By: Kare Briquette
April 1st, 2013

They’re not going to let it ride.
The city’s bike-share program is about to start, but some New Yorkers are still trying to put the brakes on cycle stations planned for their blocks.
SoHo neighbors put the kibosh on a 43-bike rack in tiny memorial park Petrosino Square because it took up too much space — only to have the city Department of Transportation replant it in front of an advocate’s home.
Now they’re fighting the rack’s new spot in a no-parking area of the street on Cleveland Place near Kenmare Street, saying the busy intersection is too dangerous for a rental kiosk.

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