StreetsPAC is launched.

When I think of the acronym PAC or Political Action Commitee, I think of guys like this:

Sheldon Adelson, billionaire casino magnet who was one of the largest campaign funders to a super PAC for Mitt Romney’s loosing campaign. Ah, money can’t buy everything.

Then I think of this great political folly by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Often I find myself in political discussion about the cycling landscape in NYC and desperately trying to defend myself against rants of an enraged motorist who feels all of the cities traffic problems are somehow the fault of too many cyclists with too much infrastructure that they don’t even bother to use. Some where in the malaise of debate or more like argument, I begin to drift off in thought and wonder, Gee, wouldn’t it be great if we had some kind of political muscle that could advocate for cyclists rights to the road and even influence political candidates. Perhaps even creating a bicycle party that could strictly fight for cyclist and pedestrians rights and safer, more livable streets.

Well, this may becoming more of a reality.


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They are:

StreetsPAC is a political action committee dedicated to improving the safety, mobility and livability of one of New York City’s greatest assets: its streets. The space between buildings, including sidewalks, roads and plazas, account for the majority of all public space in the five boroughs, and are a precious resource to be used and enjoyed by all.

Founded by a team of the city’s most committed advocates, StreetsPAC supports candidates who demonstrate unwavering devotion to the expansion of traffic-calming infrastructure such as neighborhood slow zones, pedestrian plazas, and bike lanes; increased and improved transit access for all New Yorkers; more thorough crash investigations; and better enforcement of traffic laws.

StreetsPAC is registered with the New York State Board of Elections and the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

Just recently launched, StreetsPAC may not be a huge financial influence, but will hopefully be powerful as a voting block of concerned NYC citizens who want safer streets and a more livable city, as well as holding local politician accountable when their demands are not met. According to streetsblog, their first goal is: “focusing on the City Council, especially those districts where grassroots support for livable streets is not reflected in the positions of elected officials. This year, there will be elections for all 51 council districts, including 18 open seats.”

StreetsPAC board members are comprised of hard working citizens who have had a great deal of experience working with the city council and on their own local community boards. People like, Doug Gordon ( ), Hilda Cohen, Dave ‘Paco’ Abraham, Mike Epstein, Aaron Naparstek (founder of ) and lawyer Steve Vaccaro.

Follow along on twitter: @StreetsPAC

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