Bicycle Roots-Crown Heights shop, new location

Bike shop news: Woman owned and operated bike shop, Bicycle Roots.

Moves to a new location:

609 Nostrand Ave. (between Dean & Bergen St.) Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Hours: Closed Mondays Tuesday-Friday 10:00-7:00 Saturday 11:00-6:00 Sunday 11:00-5:00

From their site:

What a great opening day! We saw lots of old friends, and we made lots […]

Hate and Love-bike share video Op-Eds

In typical fashion the hate coming out against a new initiative of bicycle transportation comes from out-of-touch people who would never even try the thing they vehemently rattle the saber at. They have no problem using their “so-called” media credence to help propagate their anger especially news agencies like the Wall Street Journal. Remember […]

Celebrate the Lanes-Prospect Park West

Today a celebration of bicycle infrastructure good for all our families.

3rd Anniversary Family Ride Prospect Park West @ 3rd Street Sunday, June 2, 2013, 11 am

Kids and parents: Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Prospect Park West bike path by riding it as a family on Sunday, June 2!

Families […]