24 Bicycle Vending Machines Spreading in Brooklyn

Great idea, but not the first:

Article in DNA Info:

Vending Machines With 24-Hour Bike Parts and Tools Pop Up in Brooklyn

By: Meredith Hoffman
June 3rd, 2013

WILLIAMSBURG — It’s one of cyclists’ worst nightmares: puncturing a tire late at night while pedaling home, and finding no open shops for service.

But now, one savvy start-up is looking to give city riders their quick fix — a 24-hour vending machine with essential needs.

Express Biker– a service pioneered by amateur cyclist Shimon Kivman — has already set up two Brooklyn kiosks featuring tubes, lights, patch kits (to patch tires’ holes), and other crucial tools and parts. Riders just stop at the kiosk, swipe their credit cards in the machine, and make their selection of accessories ranging from $5 to $30, Kivman said.

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