Boombotix Supports Injured Messengers (BMEF)

Boombotix makers of ultraportable and wireless speakers…

(featuring-the new wireless Boombotix Rex)

Now has a campaign to help bike couriers injured on the job.

They have joined forces with Lucas Brunelle who is the treasurer of the BMEF (Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund) which works to help pay medical costs of injured bike couriers who are often considered independent contractors by their employers and lack proper insurance.

Here is more about the campaign:


The Boombotix Rex is a wireless ultraportable speaker built for life in motion. Our goal isn’t merely to create an ultraportable speaker, but to define the entire category.

In the product launch, we are donating 20% of our revenues to support the BMEF. You will receive a discount on the Boombotix Rex limited edition wireless speaker as well. Backers can pick from one of three exclusive designs and support a great cause.

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