Hate and Love-bike share video Op-Eds

In typical fashion the hate coming out against a new initiative of bicycle transportation comes from out-of-touch people who would never even try the thing they vehemently rattle the saber at. They have no problem using their “so-called” media credence to help propagate their anger especially news agencies like the Wall Street Journal. Remember the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch and FOX, well known for monopolizing our news and going to great length for fairness and balance…like wire tapping it’s sources phone lines and emails.

Take for example this person:

WSJ editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz, who got a nice chunk of air time to rant about the bike share.

She claims to represent the majority of New York citizens who are appalled at Citibikes even though it hasn’t even opened to the general public.

Except that 2012 Quinnipaic Poll showed 74% of New Yorkers are all for bike share.

But despite those pesky things like facts, Dorothy goes on with her bitchfest hate speak:

See the video: here.

Wow, there’s so many factual things wrong with her opinions I don’t even know where to start.

Totalitarian government?? Man if only the worst thing Hitler did was to limit people’s soda intake.

And I always love the argument that somehow these green initiatives are railroaded through in the middle of the night without any civic input. How about the numerous city council meetings and the fact that the locations of the bike share stations were decided with lots of help by the public.

My biggest question is why do these people always get such media attention and hyped so much to the point where I am endlessly sent this link. I always have the hope that it’s someone with legitimate arguments that will make for interesting debate. Nope, just another cranky NIMBY annoyed with something they don’t understand and aren’t willing to accept change.

On the flip side, here is someone equally as old as Dorothy who’s been riding a bike in NYC his whole career.
Fashion photographer Bill Cunningham loves the new bike share. He’s made his life’s work of observing New Yorkers on the street and identifies in this NY Times op-Ed video, how much we are impatient, mobile and over-the-top. Quit different from Dorothy behind her curtain in the land of OZ.

Here is Bill Cunningham on why he likes the new bike share and what he’s observed in the first week…by actually using the system…go figure.

Video: here.

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