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WBAI 99.5fm now has a new segment as part of it’s “Wake Up Call” morning program called: Bike Talk.

Wednesdays at 7:45am


Here is a bit about the program:

‘Bike Talk’ – a new 15 minute segment on Wake Up Call every Wednesday throughout the summer.

It will bring you news on all things bike related in NYC.

Every week get your bike headlines, your ‘Bike Top Tip’, hear from cycling advocates and activists plus the funny on the world of bikes & riders via comedic commentary.

Four rotating correspondents will report for Bike Talk weekly and with a bit of encouragement from listeners they may get a show of their own!

Find out more and meet the Bike Talk staff: here.

On today’s show, Time’s Up volunteer, and Bike Talk staff member Keegan Stephan talks about various bike related campaigns that successfully changed policy due to persistent grass roots activism, demanding safer streets in NYC.

They also discuss how the NYPD has taken more interest in investigating pedestrian and cyclist crashes due to outrage from concerned New Yorkers against a crash site investigation unit being dismissive and not doing their job. New light was shed on this story by a recent article in the New York Times, by J. David Goodman who spent time with the unit and illustrated how they are changing.

Police Unit Taking Closer Look at Deadly Crashes
20130626-160146.jpgphoto by: Victor J. Blue for the New York Times.
Detective Robert Saporito of the Collision Investigation Squad surveying the wreckage of a car that jumped a curb and killed a woman.
Published: June 23, 2013

The woman’s body lay under a sheet on the darkened Brooklyn sidewalk, one all-white Adidas sneaker, one black sock. About 20 feet away, her other shoe mixed with the debris around a mangled Ford Fusion.

Minutes before, the car tore onto the sidewalk, striking the woman before slamming into a corner fence post, spinning airborne into a thick sycamore and finally coming to rest against the chain links of a local baseball field.

It was the second bloody scene of a recent Saturday midnight shift for Detective Robert Saporito of the Collision Investigation Squad. Both involved pedestrians. Only one survived.

Read more: here.

Find an archive of today’s show: Look for Wake Up Call.

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