Why conservatives hate the new Citibike share in graphic form

Hopefully your not being swayed by the endless hate speak from conservatives with their magazines and newspapers who aren’t even willing to give Citibike a try or a chance.

Hopefully if you have problems with the new system, it’s based on real life experiences and you can offer criticisms directly to the D.O.T, knowing your voice will be heard in this social network transportation system. After all, this is the system who’s stations were based on your requests, at least in phase one.

If you merely just hate bikes because a food delivery person almost hit you on the sidewalk or other cyclist bad behavior, this is more a story about how we relate to each other on the streets. This is a social network of humanity that long pre-dates Facebook and twitter.

To help better understand why people, mainly conservatives, hate the new bike sharing program, Dan Amira of New York Magazine created a graphic, known as a Venn Diagram, to help break this down.

Why Conservatives Hate Citi Bike So Much, in One Venn Diagram
By: Dan Amira
June 5th, 2013


But, in a way, the depth of conservative animosity for a bike-share program makes perfect sense. Because, as the Venn diagram above indicates, Citi Bike finds itself at the very nexus of five different things that conservatives hate.

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