A T-Shirt That Really Takes the Piss out of me…

What happens when a bunch of fixed gear loving Italians have a few drinks and take a nice chilly ride from Milano to a lake near Arona? Well they probably have to piss at least once. Why not do it together.

Chi non piscia in compagnia...

Now this iconic image has been made into a limited run t-shirt by Marco Mucig ( who is a talented artists and was the creative director of the Bicycle Film Festival in Milano, 2009-2010. Remember that whacky trailer for the festival, with big letters riding around as bicycles?

Picture 2

Here is some more backstory behind this project sent to me by Annalisa, aka LaPisa of the Milano Bicycle Film Festival 2012.

This is a limited edition run (1055 pieces) for Italian street wear brand

The photo is of RIDO (the famous Italian MC), Frank (Francesco Dolfo from L’uomo col martello Luke and Dade.

Here is a photo link to their trip:

If this kind of thing appeals to you, pick up one of these rare gems at this link:

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