Boombotix and Timbuk2 Sack Up Sweepstakes

Here is a contest from two of my favorite product makers, both stationed in the Bay Area… Boombotix ultraportable speakers and Timbuk2 bags.


From Boombotix:

Timbuk2 an Boombotix have teamed up to offer you the ultimate adventure prize pack… literally. Timbuk2 is a San Francisco based company that makes some of the finest messenger bags in the business. They’ve kicked down three of their new Haight Backpacks to swag you guys out. These backpacks have a built-in laptop carrying pocket and a U-Lock holder for riders and techies alike. All Timbuk2 bags come with a lifetime warranty.

As they say in informercials; BUT WAIT, there’s MORE! When you enter in the contest, you are not only qualified to get a sick pack but we’ll also be throwing each contest winner a Boombot Portable Speaker of your choice. Boombots incorporate wireless connectivity, ruggedized housing, and a built-on clip. Give it a home on the strap/pocket of your new Timbuk2 bag and tune your way through your next excursion.

Enter here.

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