Custom design helmets-Belle Helmets, new and improved

Danielle Baskin, creator of has been hand painting designs on bike helmets for several years now. I was one of her early test subjects, which she gave me on a sweet Bern.
BikePhotoBooth-11-09-48 copy (photo by: Keiko Niwa )

She generally opts for the more skater style of helmet for more surface area, but this is truly a one-of-a-kind gift for any cyclist.

In the past all the helmets are painted by hand with acrylics which takes around 20 hours. Now Danielle is looking to speed up the process using vinyl printing.

She’s looking for crowd-funding to help her relaunch her new operation.

Here is a promotional video explaining more,

To learn more and help support Danielle’s project, check out:

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