Halloween weekend recap

Even though some time has passed, I thought it would be important to recap this past weekend since right before Halloween is always chalked full of bike culture here in NYC.

Last Friday (10/25/13) is traditionally the most festive Critical Mass ride of this monthly global phenomenon. Generally the cops tend to back down a little and give the group some room, more in line with the costumed spirit of the ride. Another tradition is the ride ends with the Time’s Up Halloween party/fund raiser, where the bike community gets to dance the night away in costume, often in sweaty donated spaces. This year for logistical reasons the party didn’t happen and I can only imagine with the way things have continued with the NYPD’s hatred of bikes…the ride was probably subdued. It seems worth mentioning this event since Critical Mass is a world wide happening and other cities across the US continue to flourish as well as making Halloween a great time for costumes of riders and their bikes.

Such as the birthplace of this event, San Francisco, where they bring out the sound tree bike contraption:

and Miami:

Saturday (10/26/13)
Was a couple of legendary events. First was the Halloween alleycat race which is one of the longest running messenger style races in NYC.

This year hosted by Pablo Airaldi.
1393549_10151934978385751_1821354623_n(photo courtesy of:

A message and race results from organizer, Pablo,

Results for the Halloween Race:

1. Josh Rovner
2. Crihs Tian
3. Edmund Liang
4. Greg Addo
5. Masilokotrack Lokotrack Lpz

1. Hannah Todd
2. Iliana

First Fixed-
Crihs Tian

Best Costume-
Geri Laçaj


Now even though I set the gears in motion, the real people to thank for this race are probably hanging out with you right now grabbing a coffee before riding to work. Without our community none of us could do what we do well and with all we have.

Many many thanks to Dagga BeMe, Victor Ouma, Cheylene Sharkeye, Hiromi Bruni, Josh Rovner, Greg Ugalde, Krys Blakemore and Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor.
Every single one of these people put themselves and their skills into this race.

Lastly but not leastly, I want to thank the Sponsors who shipped out or gave up a few grand worth of goodies in under three weeks.

State Bicycles gets the biggest thanks for being our title sponsor.
718 Cyclery, Clementine Courier, Fyxation, Harvest Cyclery, Cinelli, Bern, Boombotix

52 Racers Entered 32 finished it alive… one zombie slipped through by finding me in my room during the after party, Crazy Nick is your DFL champion. I’m amazed that many people finished this hard ass race.

Until next year gals and ghouls,

Race winner Josh Rovner

This year the race ended at the annual Bike Kill hosted by Black Label and celebrating its 10 year anniversary of mutant bike mayhem.

More about Bike Kill from Gothamist and photographer Tod Seelie.

Photos, Video: Exuberant Bike Kill Turns Ten, Gets Shut Down Early
bikekill10-14(Photo by: Tod Seelie)

The tenth annual Bike Kill rumbled into Bed-Stuy Saturday afternoon, bringing music, wet tennis balls and lots of modified bicycles to a dead end street in front of P.S. 54.


The party was as raucous as ever (key bumps in broad daylight? Why not!) despite the ominous shadow of an NYPD helicopter hovering above Sandford Street, but it came to an abrupt end without the usual night-time tall bike jousting. At 6:01 p.m. sharp, NYPD officers moved in and ordered everyone to disperse; one organizer told us that the permit issued this year had an earlier end-time than previous Bike Kills, which usually ran until 8.


Another source said there was there was no tall bike jousting this year in remembrance of a Black Label member who recently passed away. A ghost bike memorial was prominently displayed in his honor. In the end, the NYPD dispersal order was respectfully obeyed, and many of the participants grabbed plastic bags to help clean up the mess.

Update: Here’s some fun video of the festivities, courtesy Maks Suski:

Then on Sunday (10/27/13)
Was the launch of a new Pop-Up bike repair cooperative in Havemeyer Park called the This is the brain child of Austin Horse and Keegan Stephan and shares the space of the new dirt track across from the demolishing Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Kent Ave, between South 3rd and 4th St)

Volunteers are encouraged to become yearly members for either $80.00 or 10 hours of service to Haveymeyer park. To use the space and tools for bike repair or to become mechanics themselves to fix other’s bikes.

Here are some photos from this weekend’s BBQ and meet-up by Liz Patek ( bikepeacenyc/ )
Bike Yard Launch
Bike Yard Launch
Bike Yard Launch

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