Bike Kill 10-A Look at the Bikes

Bike Kill is an amazing event of mutant bicycle mayhem put on every year by the NYC chapter of the Black Label Bicycle Club. Besides the spectacle of bizarre welded bicycle contraptions that seem to defy logic, the best part about this event is that the tall bikes and choppers are left out and encouraged for the community to try them and enjoy the thrill of both bike and sport.

Often the contraptions themselves are works of art compounded with the fact that they are kinetic. Sometimes the design of the bikes themselves gets overlooked as the rituals of riding while drinking a six pack duct taped together or crashing into huge plastic barrels of a form of bowling, takes over.

One photographer, Joshua P. Kristal, did a great job of documenting a lot of the bikes at this year’s tenth anniversary of Bike Kill 2013:

From his blog:

“TAKE a dash of “Mad Max,” add a pinch of “Jackass,” sprinkle both over a wet batter of art students, bicycle messengers, anarchist welders and militant anti-globalist vegans, then let the mixture bake for, say, a decade in the oven of Brooklyn, and the resulting dish should taste a little like the Black Label Bike Club.” from the New York Times article of 2001.

Tall Bike 2

This club hosts an annual event called “Bike Kill” and its simply nuts. ”The annual Black Label event called Bike Kill, which one member, a disc jockey known professionally as D. J. Dirtyfinger, described as “a full day of freedom, via mayhem, on the street.” With jousting competitions and displays of bicycle finery, Bike Kill is a “pure celebration of being creative with bikes and on bikes,” he said, adding, “It can’t really be explained — you have to be there.” from the same NYT story.

Tall Bike 3
Photo by at Bike Kill 10

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