A Moving Tribute To Bert, a Guy Who Was Always Moving

A few photos from a recent snowy memorial ride dedicated to bike shop owner Bert Cebular. Photos by Steve.


I discovered this really moving tribute to Bert Cebular, founder of NYCEwheels on the Upper East Side who recently passed away at the young age of 47. I barely meet Bert, but I knew he was a super positive guy and very active in getting more people to commute on alternative transportation, especially fold ups, e-bikes and adult scooters.

A San Diego bike blogger, Turbo Bob of ( also didn’t know Bert all that well but wrote and excellent post on his passions and his life.

Bert Cebular-NYCEwheels Owner-Dead at 47

I normally get great joy and satisfaction reporting on the happenings in the bike world, today is not one of those days. My friend Bert Cebular is no longer with us, taken too soon from our mortal society. As I sit to write this post of his celebration of life, his memorial services are just starting to take place in Manhattan, New York. I wish I could attend, but do hope posting this will fill his and my needs alike.

Although I really didn’t know Bert (Rupert Cebular) all that well, I finally met him in person last October. He came to San Diego to pursue his latest passions, paragliding and powered-paragliding. Ultimately, this new activity would prove to be the cause of his passing. A powered-paragliding accident in New York on Dec 3rd of this year was the last thrill of his life. I can only hope his death was quick and painless.

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