Copenhagen wheel is real.

I remember seeing this fake commercial for an electric assist wheel in an episode of Showtime’s long running series Weeds.


Andy Botwin, a character played by Justin Kirk, was trying to go legit after the suburban drug dealing family fled to Copenhagen. This was going to be Andy’s new product.

Here is the ad that played on weeds back in 2009:

Being a tv show about a widowed house wife who shacks up with a Mexican drug cartel kingpin and evades prison and murder while cornering the weed trade, I assumed the “Copenhagen” wheel was just part of the “over-the-top” plot.

Well, it’s not fiction. This is a real product developed by MIT super bike nerds and has just gone on sale to the public (pre-order) for $700.00. Here is a preview video showing how the product works and incorporates your smart phone (of course.)

More about this product from the all things green blog, Treehugger:

Copenhagen Wheel bike booster rolls out, available for pre-order

By: Lloyd Alter
December 4th, 2013

In 2009, Treehugger, April the Copenhagen Wheel in, logically, Copenhagen. Unveiled at COP15, it was ” conceived and developed by the SENSEable City Lab for the Kobenhavns Kommune” with the prototypes built by Ducati. A lot of hype ensued, and then- silence.

Read more: here.

The wheel can be pre-ordered here:

I’ve never been able to get fully behind the electric bicycle movement. It kind of takes away the simplistic human powered reasons I love cycling. Not to mention ascetically it’s like loving snowboarding and hating those hard boot one-directional boards. Also if biking is truly a carbon neutral environment aid, why would you want to mess with AC power and non-disposable lithium batteries?

That being said, the technology behind this wheel is very innovative and it looks like the developers have done some smart things. The open source aspects, the smart phone connectivity and the sleek logistics of the central hub could make for a game changer to increase cycling. The company does have plans for making both the wheel and bike but for now this may be a big push for the more in expensive internet drop ship bikes like Public, Strada, Republic,Sole, Big Shotand Pure Fix.

There is a good FAQ page with more explanations and specs like the wheel weighs 13 lbs. (hard to carry up 5 floors in an apartment building)


If this gets any more Americans riding bikes like the 40% of the Copenhagen work force does…it could be a great new gateway.

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