New E Wheel Pits Two Startups in a Bike Race

Not only is the new Copenhagen wheel wheel a reality, it also has competition with another similar looking design.

Say hello to FlyKly.

The Copenhagen wheel is designed with M.I.T engineers and is coming out of Boston.

FlyKly is lead by CEO Niko Kansek who has experience with his own line of electric bicycles and derives from New York.

So forget about the Red Socks vs Yankees. Both companies are battling to get their smart wheels out to the public and cash in on this new technology.

Here is more for the Boston Globe:

Two startups in high-tech bike race
By Michael B. Farrell
December 16th, 2013


So who really reinvented this bicycle wheel?

Two startups unveiled high-tech bicycle wheels within weeks of each other in October that both said would revolutionize cycling.

As for their specialized, battery-backed wheels, well, they look oddly similar. Both have a striking number of the same features, too. And both upstarts profess to use groundbreaking technology that can turn most any standard bike into a hybrid e-bike controlled with the touch of a smartphone.

Read more: here.

Ok, here’s a question. Supposedly all those electric bicycles that deliver your food and seem to be in great abundance are illegal in NYC as we recently discovered on NPR. So does that mean these wheels could be subject to the same laws?

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