Rob Ford hates Bikes and is Exposes in New Doc. Bikes vs Cars

I have to admit, it’s quite entertaining watching the exploits of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
Between the crack smoking and the drunken stupors there is never a dull moment and finally our neighbors to the North are starting to out buffoon us for a change. I mean certainly not the first mayor to endulge in the rock form of cocaine.

But former D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry never had moves like this in the gospel choir.

What I don’t find amusing is what a bicycle hater Rob Ford is and how one of the main reasons he got elected was for his love affair with the automobile. Seems odd for such a model of healthy slimmed down mobility, with great dance moves and appetite suppressing drug habits.

Here is a recent article in the Boston Globe that explains more:

Conservatives’ new enemy: Bikes
The bicycle is emerging as a new conservative front in the culture wars.

By: Jordan Michael Smith | GLOBE December 15th, 2013

EVEN BEFORE TORONTO MAYOR Rob Ford became internationally famous for being videotaped smoking crack, he was known as a City Hall version of Bluto Blutarsky of “Animal House”—swearing in public, proudly overeating, guzzling booze. His boorishness is so conspicuous and well documented that it raises the question: Who elected this guy? And why?

The answer, in large part, comes down to transit. Ford is famously pro-car, and his strongest support came from suburbs outside downtown Toronto, where voters drive into the city during the day and return by car in the evening.

Read more: here.

I first became aware of the hate from a trailer for a great new documentary:

Bikes vs Cars by Fredrik Gertteb.

This documentary is like a Freakanomics of car ownership vs bicycle and explores how biking is a vehicle for change all over the world.

This project recently reached its fund raising goals on kickstarter so it should be having a run of screenings in the near future.

Rob Ford can’t wait.

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