The Xlerad bike light. Quite Auto Illuminating.

Kickstarter of the week.

Looking for a smarter bike light? Introducing the Xlerad, Auto-illuminating. Starts working when you start biking.

Two designers from Arcata California, John and Kyle, are developing some bright new technology. Here is their kickstarter video:

Some of the Xlerad features:

Xlerad is our approach to making the world’s smartest bike light.
-No buttons- it automatically turns on with movement.
-Insanely bright when needed- up to 1000 lumens!
-Unmatched performance by almost every measure.
-No wasted power means a longer battery life and lower heat.

More specifications:

Smart Mode- Variable 200-1000 lumens.
Fixed Mode – Fixed at 400 lumens.


5000mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable external battery pack
Smart Mode – 3.7 to 45 Hours, depends how fast you ride!
Fixed Mode – 10 hours
In riding terms, we trust it on multiple night rides without a recharge.
In commuter terms, it will easily last you all week.

Handlebar Mount:

We are using a multi-holed rubber strap, so it will accommodate all bar sizes and shapes.
Interested in funding this project or getting one of these bad boys? Visit the kickstarter page: here.

Also see:

and on twitter: @XLERADLighting

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