We’re New, We’re Blue…Get Used to It.

I feel compelled to follow this story because I had to endure a lot of bike share skeptics who we’re determined to predict the worst when winter came. During the obvious success of New York City’s fledgling bike sharing program in the warmer months many haters would say…”Yeah, it’s popular now, but what about the winter? What about the snow plows? Their definitely going to remove the bike stations.” Obvious attempts to prove Citibike is some temporary fluke.


The New York Times reports the bike share is here to stay and being used by New Yorkers despite arctic votex’s, black ice and face bitting conditions:

Snow, Ice and Wind No Issue for Citi Bike’s Die-Hards

20140129-122341.jpgOn Eighth Avenue at 23rd Street on Tuesday, a Citi Bike rider was undeterred by freezing temperatures. The bike-share program is open all year.-photo by: Damon Winter / New York Times
Article by: Matt Flegenheimer
January 28, 2014

It was easy to imagine the blue bikes in fair weather, spinning over the East River during the morning commute, or toward the sidewalk cafes of SoHo for a twilight meal.

Yet as Citi Bike, the bike-share program in New York, quickly evolved from curiosity to lifeline to verb, even supporters acknowledged that a reckoning would arrive as the calendar turned to winter.

Read the entire article: here.

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