Instead of Harassment one Precinct looks for Input on Street Safety

Could be a sign of a new era for street safety. It looks like instead of spending the winter harassing cyclists and ticketing them for running red lights in Central Park (no sign that tactic is officially over) the NYPD may actually be trying to reach out, or at least one precinct is.

An idea that spread out of the Park Slope Street Safety Partnership, a coalition of Park Slope residents working together for safer streets, was to meet regularly with their local police of the 78th precinct.

Since Traffic Safety ideas work much better when the police are behind the implementation, this seems like a happy combination to get things done like putting in giant message board on Prospect Park West alerting drivers of their speed.

Here is more about the inaugural meeting from Streetsblog:

78th Precinct Starts Up Monthly Community Meetings on Street Safety
by Ben Fried
January 30th, 2014

Here’s an idea that should start spreading to police precincts all over the city as NYPD focuses more attention and resources on preventing traffic violence: Brooklyn’s 78th Precinct is starting a new monthly public meeting devoted exclusively to how to improve street safety.

An hour before the regularly scheduled precinct community council meeting, anyone can come to the 78th Precinct house off Sixth Avenue and Bergen Street and talk about street safety issues in Park Slope and Prospect Park with the commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Michael Ameri.

The inaugural traffic safety meeting happened Tuesday night. It was a low-key and friendly affair, where Ameri followed up on ideas that came out of the Park Slope Safe Streets Partnership forum last month. The 78th is going to look into putting a big electronic message board alerting drivers to the new 25 mph speed limit on Prospect Park West, and Ameri wants to help keep curbs clear during pick-ups and drop-offs at schools throughout the precinct. “There’s no reason a kid should have to go between two parked cars after getting off the bus,” he said.

Read more: here.

And speaking of a giant message board…here is an idea focusing on counting something more positive then just the amount of speed a car is going…how about the rate of cyclings popularity.
Picture 1
Here is a project (crowd funded) for NYC’s first bike counter:

Check out:

An idea, implemented in the bike mecca of America, Portland Oregon…now you can help fund one here in NYC.

Hi-viz public bike counter
NYC’s first public bike counter! Imagine a counter for bikes, used by community projects around NYC. Now imagine the numbers on the screen are legible from 100 ft. That’s the super bright public bike counter.

Here is a link to their Ioby page.

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