New Administration, New Critical Mass?

This Friday, 1/31/14 is Critical Mass around the world. Same time, Same place…New Administration.

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Union Square North-6:45pm
With the end of the Bloomburg/Kelly Regime and the start of the DiBlasio/Brattan “Obamafication”, we celebrate the settling of 2004 RNC mass arrests to the tune of 18 million dollars. We embrace DeBlasio’s #VisionZero with a healthy skepticism, and take to task the NYPD approach to policing bicycles and mass movements. Does the Regime continue, or do these fresh white faces mean something new?

Still we ride.

Bring: bikes, friends, plans, love, rage, noise, media, lights, cameras, action!

We make the streets!

From this facebook events page.

New Mayor Bill DeBlasio was quoted in response to the 18 million dollar settlement to RNC demonstrators:

“I’m glad the case is settled.”
“We’re going to take a very different view going forward about how we respect people’s rights to express themselves.”

We Shall See…

Then on Saturday, February 1st, 2014–keeping with the theme.

Saturday, February 1, 2014 – 7:00pm
at the Park Slope Food Coop
The Event is Free and you do not need to be a Coop member.

Learn about the Critical Mass bicycle rides in NYC and SF through first-person storytelling, video shorts (two are screening as part of the 2013–14 Bicycle Film Festival in London, Mexico City, Chicago, Istanbul, Lisbon, Milan, with more to follow), and critical discussion. Founded in SF on 9/25/1992, Critical Mass is now an international monthly celebration in more than 300 cities worldwide. – See more at:
– See more at:

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