Recap, Youth Bike Summit. Epoch Times

Recycle-A-Bicycle has been empowering young people through a love and knowledge of bicycles for decades. This has lead them to spearhead the Youth Bike Summit that took place over the weekend (Feb. 14th-16th) at the New School. Through lectures, panel discussions and workshops the three day festival brought people of all ages, from around the country to get together and build a stronger bike community through young minds. A prelude to the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike Summit, coming up in the nation’s capital. March 3rd-5th)

Here is an article form the Epoch Times:
NYC Youth Bike Summit Focuses on Empowering Youth
By Catherine Yang
February 16, 2014

NEW YORK—Bicyclists from all over the country met at the three-day Youth Bike Summit 2014 held at the New School. The summit’s aim was to expand bicycling options for today’s youth, and empower them with the mobility afforded by a bicycle.

Attendees, some from as away far as Santa Barbara, participated in workshops Saturday. A visioning session followed on Sunday to discuss education and how bicycling can be made safe for the younger generation.

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