Cars and Comedians Meet Bikes and Sweets

There is side of me that always feels being an avid cyclist is being the underdog. Maybe it was because I was the awkward short kid who always got picked last for team sports. That made me lose interest in the game, but when I soloed out on a long bike ride, I felt very competitive and actually really came to love sports. This is why I’m always looking for a bike alternative to, well just about anything. I start thinking…”hey, if you can have a car pool…why shouldn’t we (the cyclists) have a bike train.” or “hey, if you pay a lower fee for transporting large amounts of luggage, why do you have to pay a higher set fee if the flight staff finds out your checking in a bicycle?” It’s should be about equality…or maybe the cyclist should get a little better advantage for not polluting the planet…that’s a whole other story though.

Take for example in our media-the big dogs, like Jerry Seinfeld who has his own web only show about driving in CARS With Comedians Getting Coffee (a pretty good idea for a web series)

But, the underdogs should have a show about biking around with your buddies getting sweet things to eat.

Enter Steve Issacs from Los Angeles.
He is the host and creator of:, a web based tv show that explores the vast region of LA on bikes looking for amazing dessert spots.


How awesome is that!

Here’s a little of Sweet Ride’s vision:

“My name is Steve, and I believe in the bicycle. I live in Los Angeles, definitely not the most cycle-friendly city, but riding here has totally changed my perceptions of not just this city, but of how great life can be when you’re not boxed up in a car all the time. The bike also lead me into a vibrant culture of people and ideas that I’d like to share with you as well.”

Steve is a great choice for a host, very informative, a straight talker and not pretentious. The format is great too…Guests are introduced in the beginning who are a great representation of the local bike community. Steve maps out the route and describes the sweets about to be consumed. Then a resident dessert expert (Erika) explains more about the food and how much calories the group will be devouring and burning off.

The latest episode, number 3 in the series, has our old pal Nona Varnado as a guest who has been super busy in LA creating get social networks like:

Check out the show:

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