Fly6, A Rear Mounted Dashcam and safety light for Cyclists

Every day on my commute in NYC I witness reckless behavior from motorists, pedestrians and yes…we bikers. Cars driving in the bike lane, newspaper delivery trucks running red lights, doors flinging open, pedestrians not paying attention when jaywalking…And that’s just what I can witness from the front. Who knows what’s going on behind me.

Dashcams, (dashboard mounted video cameras) have become super popular in Russia, due to police and insurance corruption. The footage has reveled some bizarre situations to the point where there are entire youtube channels dedicated to compiling the insanity.

Like, you know, hitting a bear on the highway.

See more at: here.

Now you probably won’t run into a large furry animal on the streets of NYC (insert inappropriate joke) but there is definitely a need for documentation, especially when road rage occurs or reckless driving may endanger you or worse, lead to a crash. When crashes occur, often the scenario is the NYPD arrives at the scene and chalks it up as an accident, with little or no investigation. Sometimes survillence footage can be acquired form within the area, but there’s no guarantee and it may be difficult or impossible to get from store owners.

As the new administration works towards #visionzero, cyclists may have to take matters into their own hands.

Two Australian cyclists also saw a need for documentation on their rides. One of them, was even shot at by a sling shot which lead them to create an on board dashcam of their own.

Introducing the Fly6 rear light with and HD Camera.

The owners from Perth, Australia-Andrew Hagen & Kingsley Fiegert were kind enough to send me one of their latest prototypes.


Due to our wonderful NON-australian weather and still recovering from a broken nose, I haven’t been able to test this unit out on the road but I definitely like what I see right out of the box.

The camera is super light weight and easy to instal to a removable bracket on the seatpost. It’s simple to operate and the footage is easily downloadable and viewable on my computer.

Here are a list of features.

• HD 720p video recording + audio with looping technology. There’s a built in microphone which will probably come handy in recording expletives from angry drivers. It’s meant to be used in the daytime but in well light areas at night–like most streets of NYC, the footage is still fairly good. It’s got a built in wide angle to maximize the range.

• Nano technology, which means they’ve packed a lot into a small light weight unit. It’s also water proof for wet rides…although I wouldn’t try and submerge it in a pool.

• Highly visible tail-light. It has three modes of operation which are cycled through on a switch. A light always has to be on but you can vary the amount of flashing and intensity of bulbs.

• USB rechargeable lithium battery that can last for 5 hours. It’s easy to charge through a computer or plugged into the wall.

• Weight 105 g – 100 mm long. It feels like a slightly large rear tail light.

• 8 Gb micro SD card, which will fit into an adaptor of a card reader.


The main idea of this camera is not to be used as a go pro to document your bad ass rail slide or alleycat, but rather to be record your ride with out having to put much thought into it.

Eventually the idea is also to change the culture and let motorists know their being watched and hopefully act more civil.

Fly6 has just launched a kickstarted campaign in order to get funding to complete their product which is very close to full production.

Here is their kickstarted video to learn more about the product:

To help fund this project and get a fly6 of your own, click the link: here.

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