Friday Night Videos…from Russia with…Bike Videos.

Here’s a late addition of Video Friday.

I know you’ll all watching the Sochi Olympics waiting for something like this to happen:

There’s nothing like watching an opening ceremony of an Olympic event and see a host countries history depicted through Cirque du Soleil looking performers in unitards.

Perhaps we will feel the unity and the world coming together with Russian Police hoping to “Get Lucky.

I dunno, seems a little flamboyant to me…especially with Russia so particular about sexual preference.
We did get introduced to this year’s Olympic mascots:
(left to right) Fabulous Bunny, Stray(f) the Dog and Pussy Cat Tiger Riot.

In case you’ve missed the action here is a 2 hour special of pre-event coverage by Russian TV.

I know, poor Russia is getting picked on, but I really like the take on Gawker’s sports site Deadspin:

The Haters Guide to the Sochi Games.

If your not interested in obscure winter sports festival hosted by a corrupt country with an abysmal record on human rights…then let’s watch bike videos.

Here is some better sports competition: American Style!!
(seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide.

Ok, the bike videos:
Title: State Bicycle Shockwave Video
Seen on: Urban Velo.
Description: Fixed gear freestyle isn’t as visible as it was just a few years back, but there are still plenty of riders out there getting rad. State Bicycle has long had one of the more affordable FGFS complete bikes out there, with this being the latest incarnation, the $579 Shockwave. We reviewed the similar Massacre from State back in May 2012.

Title:CX Hairs: #SVENNESS 2.17
Seen on: Prolly
Description: This is it, the final race of the year for #SVENNESS. This one takes place in Hoogerheide, Netherlands for the 2014 UCI Cyclocross World Championship. Surely by now you’ve seen how brutal this course was, so sit back and enjoy!
Excellent job this year, CX Hairs!

Joe The Ripper Fixed Gear Freestyle Edit

Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide.
Description: Fixed Gear Freestyle Rider Joseph Montano
Aka Joe The Ripper
Two Strap Krew NYC
Song-Ten Cent Pistol- The Black Keys
Shayquan Greenidge
Joey M Rojas
Shayquan Greenidge

Title: Luke Binder #leadthepack
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: A Day in the Life-Budapest
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: A Day in the Life-Overdrive London
Seen on: TRACKO

Title: Monster Track 2014 “15th Anniversary”
Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide (UCW)

Title: Murder of Couriers – A Bike Messenger Documentary – Trailer
Seen on: Urban Cyclist Worldwide (UCW)
Description: Murder of Couriers documents the lives of a group of bike messengers over a nearly three-year span. This film was made by couriers, about couriers, for a wide general audience and offers the chance to experience a lifestyle that not many get the privilege to enjoy.

Title: Crit Tuesday’s 02/04/2014
Seen on: UCW

Title: Hardbrakers – Budapest to Istanbul Movie Teaser
Seen on: UCW

Title: Bicycle Film Festival Istanbul 2013
Description: In 2013, the Bicycle Film Festival had an amazing second year in Istanbul.
Here are some of the highlights including screenings, bicycle tour and the performance by Blonde Redhead. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it an incredible festival!

Music: ‘Equus’ by Blonde Redhead.

Organisation: It’s Istanbul

Title: Dead Cyclists Society/PoorCit Criterium
Seen on: Pedal Consumption

Title: Half the Road: A Documentary About Professional Women’s Cycling-Trailer
Seen on: PROLLY
Description: While America watches grown men wearing spandex slam into each other repetedly tonight (no, it’s not a Cat 5 road crit), I’m more stoked on hearing that the ASO announced there will be a women’s race at the 2014 Tour de France. Also, I thought it was coincidental that this documentary came across my radar last week…
Half the Road is a documentary that explores the world of women’s professional cycling and why there is a great deal of inequality in the sport. But it’s not a solely a call for action, it also features Kathryn Bertine’s quest to make the 2012 Olympics. You can read about it more here and donate here!

Seen on: the Heavy Pedal

Heavy Pedal “Zephyr” from The Heavy Pedal on Vimeo.

Take this Russia…We’re gonna ride our electric bike all over your abandoned consulate.

Title: Storm the Embassy
Description: Chris Northover rides his Oset electric trials bike in, under and on the old Russian consulate on the infamous Billionaires Row. This video is packed with extreme technical trickery on this amazing electric powered motorbike.

and one more from Russia with…anything but love. Another thing this country is known for is the dash board cameras capturing the most bizarre things on the road. If you didn’t have enough things to hate about our former Cold War Comrades, like making it illegal to be Gay and shooting puppies…Here is a compilation of cyclists getting taken out.

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