In Transit. Documentary kickstarter on Getting Unstuck from Traffic

In Transit, is a new documentary project by Todd Drezner that addresses some basic questions one might think of while stuck inside a motor vehicle, in stopped traffic? Who are cities and streets designed for and why am I stuck in traffic?

Here is more from the film maker on his kickstarter page:

A documentary for anyone who’s ever been stuck in traffic.

“Why make a movie about traffic?”

Good question. After all, sitting in traffic probably lives somewhere in the neighborhood of root canal and taxes on our list of least favorite things to do.

But here’s the thing: you don’t know what you think you know about traffic.

We tend to think of a traffic jam as something that just happens for no reason, something that just has to be endured. That’s what I thought one day when I was stuck in horrible traffic trying to get home to Brooklyn from Connecticut. But then I started to wonder: what really causes traffic and can cities do anything about it?

The answer, many experts will tell you, is that the traffic problems that plague many of our cities are the result of deliberate policy decisions made over the course of more than half a century.

To find out more about this project watch a message from Todd and view his trailer:

If you like what you see and want to see this documentary completed, fund the project: here.

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