Stylish Bike Rack from .Fixble

Ok urban bikers. What’s your bike stack or bike area like?

A little crowded in your cluttered apartment?

How about adding a little style…



Now this won’t make your place magically cleaned up or necessarily help your bicycle hoarding issues, but Berlin based design company .Fixble has come up with wall mounted bike rack with a lot of style.

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Dock, Dock, Who’s There?
By: Akhil T.
February 21st, 2014

Ever woke up in the middle of the night and peered out of the window to make sure that your bike is still out there? Then the wall mounted indoor ‘Bike Dock’ from Berlin based design lab .flxble is meant for you. Urban living often endows us with smaller living spaces where smartly designed products can help to juice out more options. As a classic example, this dock transforms your bike into a piece of art to be proudly displayed in your living quarters. A proclamation of your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Designer: Mechmet Chiousemoglou of .flxble

The clever manipulation of a single block of wood gives this bike rack a minimalistic vibe. A felt layer protects the top tube from scratches while docking. The designers claim to be inspired by “subtle aesthetics and the impressive versatility of nature” for the essence of this product. The ‘Bike Dock’ can support upto 20 Kg to let your bike levitate in peace.

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