the Youth, the Youth…the Youth are on Fire! 2014 Youth Bike Summit-NYC

Once again, Recycle-A-Bicycle is bringing together young people from NYC and around the country to inspire the next bicycle leaders of tomorrow. It’s the 2014 Youth Bike Summit –Next week, February 14th-16th at the New School-55 West 13th St. NYC.


Mission of the summit:

Youth Bike is an organization that embraces the values of the Youth Bike Summit and fosters our work on a national scale. The structure of this new model more accurately reflects the complexity of our growing movement, its outcomes, and its potential. Youth Bike is a key element in helping to transform the future of national bike advocacy as it takes the necessary steps toward becoming a more accessible, inclusive movement.

Their will be everything from hands on activities, craft making and interactive lecture series on subjects such as LED construction, Bike Zines and strategizing about youth inspired bicycling revolution! (ok, maybe I got carried away.)

Just for a little inspiration, Steve Vance from Chicago Streetsblog has an interview with the Girls Bike Club, an after school program in the Chicago area of young woman cyclists. They’ll be heading to NYC for the YBS and he caught up with them to get their thoughts.

Girls Bike Club Gets Ready For the Spotlight at Youth Bike Summit
by Steve Vance
February 3rd, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 12.47.58 AM

Girls Bike Club, a youth group and after school program at West Town Bikes in Humboldt Park, is gearing up for an expanded role at the Youth Bike Summit in New York City on February 14.

Girls Bike Club has about six core members and meets every Wednesday to organize upcoming bike rides or garden days, hang out, and, for months preceding the summit, plan their involvement.

Having seen the successful Heels on Wheels Fashion Show at the Logan Share last month, I met with Girls Bike Club and one of the volunteer adult facilitators, Sara Laurino, at West Town Bikes to learn more about what they’re up to.

Ulana Coutts, who will be going to the Youth Bike Summit for the first time this year, said the group “focuses on getting girls on bikes, to make it easier for women and girls to be part of the bike community, and to do bike maintenance ourselves.” Marissa Macias added that it’s a “female youth council, to figure out our role as young females.”

Read the whole story and see a video: here.

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