Woman’s History Month-Cyclings Old and New

Last month, February was Black History Month and although it’s a bit shallow in sentiment only to be given a month, it’s a nice way to honor those who we may never have been aware of. It also makes for good times for book reports for the kids. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Nelson “the Cheetah ” Valis who was the first African American cyclist to win an Olympic medal. He was the key note speaker at the Youth Bike Summit and reflected on his days as a NYC bike messenger.

Now it’s March and we move on to honoring the ladies for Woman’s History Month.

Now you über bike nerds probable know all this but I just learned about
Alfansia Strada who just had a plaza named after her in Italy’s Piemonte region in the town of San Salvatore Monferrato.


Alfansia was the only woman ever to ride in and complete the Giro d’Italia.
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Bicycling magazine has a nice profile of 8 innovators of bicycle advocacy in the US and sure enough, many of them are women.

Including our own Helen Ho of Recycle-a-Bicycle.


While You Were Out Riding, Bike Advocacy Became Cool

Helen Ho

Development Director for Recycle-a-Bicycle, Founder of the Tour de Queens
Queens, NY

“We’re training the next generation of bike mechanics and bike riders,” says Ho. The nonprofit teaches maintenance courses in 20 NYC public schools and takes 1,000 kids on rides with the motto “Have fun, ride safe.” After completing about 30 volunteer hours, kids start their earn-a-bike apprenticeship—10 to 20 hours of wrenching per bicycle—with no limit to the number they can earn for themselves and their families. For Ho, the potential for forming new connections via the bike seems equally boundless—she’s discovered that it’s an ideal vehicle for her talents as a community organizer. In 2008 she created the Tour de Queens, an 18-mile family-friendly ramble around the ­borough; last year it sold out, drawing 1,250 riders.

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By Kim Cross.

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