Charlie Speaks, You Should Listen…And Get Involved

Charlie McCorkell was going to Washington to fight for cyclists safety long before there was a National Bike Summit. He was painting his own bike lanes and taking matters into his own hands.

You may know Charlie as the jovial owner of one of the most established bike shops in NYC, Bicycle Habitat, but perhaps you don’t know about his early D.I.Y. activist roots, back in the early 80 ‘s and before things like Time’s Up, Transportation Alternatives and a cycling friendly Department of Transportation.

Charlie and Bicycle Habitat put out a monthly email and I always find it interesting what he has to say:

“Hi friends-

I’m proud of the progress that has been made in recent years by the people of New York to make our streets safer and more open to bikes. As we strive for Vision Zero, there is constant work to be done, and we are the ones to do it.

-If you live and ride in Manhattan, join me tomorrow (Thursday) at NYU (32 Waverly Place) to advocate for updating the Lafayette Street bike lane. One of the first “good” bike lanes in the city, it is now in its 25th year and long overdue for a makeover.

-If you live and ride in Brooklyn, you are familiar with the chaotic Jay Street. Come join the Transportation Alternatives Brooklyn Activist Committee on Monday, March 10 at Metrotech Center to advocate for making this area safer for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

Nationally, for the past 13 years, March has meant a trip to DC to join cyclists at the National Bike Summit. We meet with NY members of Congress and lobby for funds for cycling. This year, I will be absent, but I know I can rest easy, as eleven New York woman made the 283-mile trek by bike from NYC to DC last week to take up the charge of lobbying. They will make sure the NYC voice is heard and emphasize the role of women in cycling.

While the need for bike-friendly streets is obvious to us, nearly every bike project in the city is met with opposition from a very vocal minority. I ask you to join us and voice your support for progress. If you can’t make the meetings, write your government reps, tweet at Mayor de Blasio, volunteer for Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) — there are plenty of ways to take action.

Let’s ride!
Charlie McCorkell
Owner, Bicycle Habitat

And for a limited time, Bicycle Habitat is having a big sale. In their Manhattan location.


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