Nothing Jurassic about the Boombot Rex


Got to give a huge shout out to Boombotix, the ultra-portable speaker company who just hooked me up with their latest gem-The Boombot Rex.

Although there are a lot of portable speakers now on the market, Boombotix has always been ahead of the curb, specifically designing on-the-go sound for the active lifestyle. Their latest model, the Rex, is a testament to some real in the field testing and has some great features, ideal for commuting on bicycle.

A few years ago they sent me their BoomBot 1 skull speaker which operated with a mini cable that plugged into your favorite MP3 player or smart phone…you know back in the day when they had these things called iPods.
(I know, I got a thing for Green)


Besides it’s cute design, this little skull is durable and loud, comparable to other portable speakers but half the price.

However, being tethered to a wire can be a pain, especially on a bicycle.

Now it’s Boombotix 2.0 with no need for messy wires hanging off you. Bluetooth is the name of the game, wireless and forget about it.

Here are some great features that really work for me from this latest model.

•wireless-running through bluetooth the speaker easily hooks up to any enabled device. It has a limit to the range, but plenty of distance for everyday usage.

•Loud, and good quality sound. Especially in a noise polluted city like NYC this little baby pumps the sound. This is now my new go anywhere speaker. From a podcast in the morning, or live radio station, YouTube video or streamed site like spotify, mix cloud and soundcloud. Just turn it on and hear the signature recoded: “BoomBot” and your good to go.

•Durable, water resistant and a built on mounting clip which keeps the unit in place on your person or bag. There’s also a handle bar mount, sold separately.

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•Easily rechargeable. Plug it into a USB port on a computer or smart phone AC charger. It connects with mini USB and includes a cable.

•Daisy chain. This is a great feature and adds to the versatility. The speaker has mini jack In and Out so you can link multiple boom bots with bluetooth or cable. It’s nice to see consumer technology that allows you to use older speakers instead of the proprietary nature where you feel you have to throw things away. Now my old Boombot 1 can be used in conjunction with the Rex. So I can be a roaming sound system with even more Boom.

Now I know riding with external sound is a acquired taste, but if that’s your flavor this is the speaker I recommend.

It’s hard to be bias with your given a freebie, but I would have easily paid the $119.00 for the Rex.

Thanks again Boombotix, for the royal hook up.

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  • Cam

    Seriously horrible idea. Noise pollution is ugly and antisocial. Forcing others to listen to your bad taste in music isn’t good community-building.