Vision Zero? More Like Nightmare 48. Recap of WNYC’s Reporting on Traffic Fatalities

Last week WNYC radio launched several journalistic endeavors into a surge of traffic fatalities that has been plaguing the citizens of NYC and newly instated mayor DeBlasio who has committed to #visionzero, a title for an initiative to reduce all traffic deaths to zero.

In only two and half months of 2014 there have been quite the opposite of zero, 48 traffic deaths in NYC, an alarming number indeed.

WNYC’s traffic blog, Transportation Nation has recently launched their Mean Streets tracker, a one year reporting project that will have an on line running total of a traffic deaths.

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March 19th, 2014
By: Jenny Ye & Kat Aaron

More than half of the 27 pedestrians killed by cars in New York City this year died on major roadways. That’s just one of the findings of a new WNYC analysis of traffic deaths, Mean Streets. We wanted to help New Yorkers understand who is dying on the city streets from traffic-related causes, and why.

As of March 19, 45 people have been killed in traffic crashes in 2014: 27 pedestrians, 13 drivers, three passengers and two cyclists. The youngest person killed was 5-year-old Rashard Charles, who died in Crown Heights on March 16. The oldest was 81-year-old Ruben Rivera, killed in a hit-and-run on Atlantic Avenue in February. Nine of the 46 deaths did not get media attention until now.

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Last week, reporter Jim O’Grady did three stories on traffic fatalities including a profile of Hsi-Pei Lao who’s 4 year old daughter was killed by an SUV while legally crossing the street in Flushing Queens.

Girl Gone: Anatomy Of a New York City Pedestrian Death
March 18th, 2014
Jim O’Grady

Girl Gone: Anatomy Of a New York City Pedestrian DeathHsi-Pei_Liao_1Hsi-Pei Liao at an intersection in Flushing. Behind him is the street where his four-year-old daughter, Allison, was struck and killed by an SUV. (Jim O’Grady/WNYC)

On a recent chilly Sunday, Hsi-Pei Liao stood with his back to the intersection of Cherry Avenue and Main Street in Flushing. Over his shoulder was the spot in the crosswalk where an SUV hit his four-year-old daughter Allison and 71-year-old mother Chin Hua. The two were walking hand-in-hand, crossing with the signal.

It was Sunday, Oct. 6, around 5 p.m. He’s thought a lot about how Allison got to that spot, at that moment. “That day, Allison really wanted to go outside to get a watermelon,” he recalled. “She was pretty insistent, which normally she wasn’t. She normally just watched TV, watched Dora.”

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Other stories by Jim last week:

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An ‘Insult to Broken Hearts': Families Denied Traffic Crash Reports -how difficult it is for families to get information about their loved ones killed.


WNYC launched a page with a heat map showing which police precincts issued more-and fewer-tickets last month for moving violations compared to February of 2013.
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